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Your Professional Development Plan

On May 10, I went to a SQL Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. During that event I listened to a presentation by Andy Warren on “Building a Comprehensive Professional Development Plan.” A Professional Development Plan (PDP), according to Andy Warren, is

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Copying data between two Azure Databases

We use Windows Azure around here a lot, it works great with Access but it has one limitation: you can’t copy data from one database to another since they don’t support the USE statement. Use Generate Script Instead To get

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Access User Groups

The purpose of this group is to create virtual chapters throughout the world, from beginning user groups to advanced topics such as SQL Server. Chapters can be organized around a language, such as Spanish, a region, such as Spain or a topic

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4 Reasons why your data is more secure on the web

As a recognized leader in cloud enabling Microsoft Access, sometimes our firm will come across clients who are reluctant to place their data online, oftentimes due to the many stories they hear regarding data breaches or hackers obtaining data. Your

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Replicating made simple: SQL Azure Data Sync

On May 13th, at 6:30 PM CST, I will be speaking about how you can easily create a solution that enable you to have your Access program working across broad geographic regions by leveraging SQL Azure Data Sync which is

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Access User Groups Online

I am pleased to announce that have now developed further chapters, each of which have their own meetings online.  The first one is today by Access Functions Group. The meeting will start at 7.00pm EDT, and will cover nulls, the Nz function,

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Running transactions in a stored procedure

A lot of times, I write a stored procedure to do several things. More often than not, I might be doing mass inserts, updates or deletions. Now, I’m not your average suspenders-and-belt guy. No, I go one step further and

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