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I have been working with Access since Version 2. I have always loved how flexible it is and can be adapted to so many situations. Since I joined the company a year ago I have expanded my skills into SQL Server. I think Access and SQL Server is a perfect combination for many things. Over the years I have also done programming in other areas including writing 3 computer games that have been published. I am continuing to expand my knowledge in Access and SQL Server, and I hope to bring you more interesting things along that journey.

Avoid number conflicts with SQL Sequences

Note: I'll be presenting on this topic at the Access with SQL Server group online. Please join me on September 13th at 6:30 PM CST, join the group to get an email with all of the meeting details, it’s free!

Avoid number conflicts with SQL Sequences2017-01-13T01:08:55+00:00
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