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Upgrade Microsoft Access Database to Azure SQL

? People oftentimes get frustrated with Microsoft Access because they can’t easily share up-to-date information with their clients and employees, but there’s an inclusive solution to solve this problem – upgrade your Micrsoft Access database to Azure SQL with cloud hosting. You can continue to use your existing Microsoft Access application, but the data can be accessed online. We can update your database so all of your team members can use the system with ease over VPN or the open internet.

Contact us and “Discover the power of your data”™ by migrating your MS Access database to Azure SQL!


Here are some differences an Azure enabled Microsoft Access database can make for your business.

Benefits of using Azure SQL with your Microsoft Access Database


  • Real-time updates on thousands of records.
  • Speed is a hot commodity and IT Impact specializes in optimizing systems and minimizing slow processes, ensuring high-speed communications with Azure SQL.


  • Empowers your in-house and remote staff and clients with the facility to access information anywhere, including mobile devices in the timeliest manner.
  • Businesses see more productivity using up-to-date, vital information, and are able to provide an enriched customer service experience.

Functionality & Data Migration

  • Your original applications can be preserved and made available through your browser using a user-friendly interface that connects to your database.
  • Updates and bug fixes will be rolled out to all users with our auto-update technology.

Custom Web Pages

  • Since all of the data is hosted on Azure SQL, we can create new web tools that will compliment your MS Access database, allowing your customers/vendors to see the same data via a new secure website.

Database Security with Azure SQL and Microsoft Access

  • Online backups and less reliance on hardware that can be damaged or stolen.
  • Password protected accounts for customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Store information in private folders.
  • We will leverage the power of SQL Server Security with MS Access.
  • We can incorporate your Azure AD into your Access database to enable single sign-on.

Reduced Cost

  • Using Azure SQL with your MS Access database your software can eliminate the high costs of hiring consultants, programmers, and buying new hardware by simply taking what you have and improving on it.
  • Your return on investment date will be much closer in the future than it would be after coughing up the big bucks on a new system.

Competitive Edge

  • The web is boundless by nature, and an Azure SQL solution and interface will take your business to the next level in performance, usability, and interconnectivity.
  • Your Azure SQL application can be accessed 24/7.
  • Don’t miss out on an opportunity to provide the best customer service available and streamline your MS Access database for your team.

Our staff at IT Impact is experienced in converting MS Access databases to Azure SQL applications. Our team of MS Access MVPs will help customize a web application that empowers your staff to be more productive, keep your information updated and secure, while giving your clients an engaging, intuitive experience that will only build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Contact us here, and “Discover the power of your data”™ by using Azure SQL with your MS Access database.

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