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Why Access Experts?

We’re not just programmers, we’re business consultants and database problem solvers creating custom software for successful companies throughout the US and the world. We have a remote development team that can help your business “Discover the power of your data!”™

At you will find, at any given working day, at least one Access developer that can help you “Discover the power of your data!”™ through reporting, custom software, and data collection. Your business is unique, your software should be too!

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XeBee Records

IT Impact's three part design: Web App, Web Data Hosting and Access application, has allowed us to grow 100% for the last two years and automated a lot of our processes. Thank you IT Impact!


Dynametal Technologies

Thank you IT Impact for your assistance, knowledge and professionalism in working with us in converting the Access Database to SQL! Our system infrastructure is very complex and their expert Access developer, have helped us convert and simplify our database systems.


Claim Services, Inc

IT Impact upgraded our Access system to SQL Server and added Document Center plus workflow to get us to a paperless process. The IT Impact Access developer is very easy to work with and efficiently helps with any challenge! Well done IT Impact!



Listen to Episode 2 of the Microsoft Access Podcast

This episode I’ve got more great examples of why Microsoft Access is great for business, listen and let me know your thoughts. Missed the first episode? You can find it here: [...]

Follow me on twitter during the MVP Summit next week

It’s time to visit the mother ship again, a yearly ritual both Ben and I relish as part of our MVP title, where the Microsoft Access team will share the latest, (often under NDA, sorry), I get to meet my peers from around the world and discuss all th [...]

Using ADO asynchronously in Access to speed up forms

Our presenter for the next meeting, on March 12th, is Ben Clothier.  Ben will talk to us about using ADO asynchronously in Access. Have you had scenarios where you need to load large amount of data but you don’t want to make users wait for it? We wil [...]

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