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At IT Impact, we develop custom database solutions that are truly miraculous: helping businesses do more with the same amount of people, improving customer service or uncovering the hidden meaning of their data. It’s not uncommon for employees to greet us as saviors when we walk through their companies, it’s a great feeling and it’s what motivates us to come in everyday and perform miracles for our clients. Are you ready for a miracle or two at your company and “Discover the power of your data!”™?

Every Business is in the Business of Data – Protect, Nurture and Analyze It

Your business collects data of all sorts: Customer, Order or Inventory information maybe some of the data points collected. It’s imperative you protect, nurture and take advantage of your data to help with decisions going forward.

Our expertise lies in custom database applications bringing you the most up-to-date analysis, reporting, and data collection through custom software. Call us today for a demo and quote: 773.809.5456

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Our a Team

We have six Microsoft Access Developers, 2 of which are Microsoft Access MVPs, making us one of the premier and largest MS Access development firms with the most Access MVPs on staff.

We also are a Silver Data Platform Microsoft Solution Provider with 2 MCSEs and 1 MCSA on the staff.

Access Experts is a service of IT Impact Inc., a minority owned Software Company specializing in custom software solutions for successful businesses. We offer service in .Net Programs, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and much more to serve your business needs!

About Us

SQL Server 2012/2014 – Certified 2017

About Us

Data Management and Analytics – Certified 2018

About Us

Data Management and Analytics – Certified 2017