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Whenever the subject of new web apps introduced with 2013 or web databases introduced with 2010, one common lamentation bought up by people is that they both lack VBA. It is certainly an understandable lamentation; almost all serious Access developers have used VBA and it's VBA that makes it possibl [...]

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How to save your SharePoint password in Windows

A poster asked me a wonderful question: "How do I get Access [linked to SharePoint] to remember my login credentials so I don't have to login every time?" The answer to the question isn't simple as it should be and hence, I felt an article on the subject would be helpful for those who want to automa [...]

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New book for Access Web Database and SharePoint now available!

As Juan may have mentioned earlier, I had been working with two other MVPs, Tim Runcie and George Hepworth in producing the first of its kind, a book dedicated to using Access with SharePoint. The book can be bought online at the Advsicon store. If you're wanting to learn more about the capabilities [...]

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How to work offline with SharePoint and Access 2010

One advantage a SharePoint list has over any ODBC data source is that Access can disconnect and re-connect and synchronize the local edits back to the server fairly seamlessly. It also provides a friendly conflict resolution management, all out of the box. This is available whether you're using a tr [...]

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Access Services: Bringing your Access database to the web

Note: This is the third part of a three part series, you can find part one here and part two here. Authored by Ben Clothier To continue the series on Access and SharePoint integration (part 1 and part 2), we'll be looking at the latest kid on the SharePoint's block; Access Services. Access Services [...]

2021-03-03T10:40:51-06:00September 19th, 2011|

SharePoint and Access: How do they fit together?

Note: This is the first part of a three part series, you can find the second part here and the third part here. Hello, Access with SQL Server blog readers! This is my first post since joining the firm and I look forward to many more! Both Juan and I will be blogging here about Access, SQL Server and [...]

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