Checking if files are locked using VBA

In one of our client's applications, we built an email template that sometimes may attach files to be sent out. Our client wanted a way to preview the attachment before they actually send the email. This created a dilemma - if they can preview and potentially edit the files, we certainly don't want [...]

2021-12-07T21:21:06-06:00March 6th, 2012|

How to create Outlook message from Access

Note: If you need to send out a massive amount of emails this code is not for you, instead we recommend FMS's Total Access Emailer. Note 2: You must add a reference to Outlook in your Access project in order for this code to work, if you need an alternate version that does not require it then look a [...]

2016-04-13T05:58:48-05:00November 6th, 2009|
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