Convert dBase to Access

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Our team can move your dBase data to Microsoft Access and recreate all the forms, queries, reports and code with a modern look and feel, (sorry, there is no tool that will convert it for you, but at least you can now update the design with new features!). Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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Convert dBase to Access

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Convert dBase to Access

Use these techniques to convert your dBase to Access

  • First, learn how to create Access tables, forms, queries and reports, since you will need to recreate all of your dBase objects in Access.
  • Once you have learned Access, start creating all of the tables, forms, queries, reports and code in Access.
  • Copy your existing data by exporting all of the records in dBase and importing them into Access. You may need to do this several times during the project.

Does this sound daunting? It can be

How daunting will depend on the complexity of your dBase database and your knowledge of Access, but once you have completed the project you will LOVE the ease of use and achieve the following benefits:

  • Email from Access.
  • Export data from Access to Excel.