County Clerk Software

Databases for every clerk’s office

Being a Government Institution you might be having a terrible time trying to process all elections candidates, ethic forms, election histories and even help serve the public! Not anymore …

  • County Elected Officials: Keeps track of term limits for local appointed/elected officials.
  • County Judges: Keeps track of all judges to be used in the next election.
  • Assumed Business Name Application: Search existing names and if it´s available, process the application.
  • Custom website: search for local Officials, apply for Marriage License and more!

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County Elected Officials Database

  • Archive data to provide historical records
  • Email forms/documents with one click
  • Keeping track of who has not submitted the form
  • Powerful Administration and Archiving Features
  • Amazing Search and Printing Capabilities

County Judges Database

Easily manage Judges attending elections time.

  • Judges Search
  • Judge prospects – considered for elections
  • Add and archive judges with ease
  • Precinct assigned
  • Check training attendance
  • Political Party
  • Archive prior Judges
  • Date served
  • Manage Precinct and Polling places

Assumed Business Name Application Database

Manage new business registration with ease and avoid duplication! 

  • Manage applications
  • Keep track of application status and edit it
  • Easily create and print: Assumed Business Name Application form, notice, and Certificate of Ownership.
  • Reapply application when expired

Custom website

Go even further and provide great features to the public and County Colleagues:

  • Easily search for local Officials
  • Easily apply for Marriage License
  • Upload election night results
  • Leave Management (schedules vacation days, holidays, permissions, etc.)
  • Post public County news and announcements
  • Post internal announcements for County Colleagues

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