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Databases for every clerk’s office

As a government institution, it may be challenging to manage election candidates, ethics forms, and historical election data all while helping to serve the needs of the public. Not anymore!

We’ve designed great tools especially for you that can:

  • Keep track of term limits for local appointed/elected officials;
  • Track judges who will participate in upcoming elections;
  • Search existing business names and process an Assumed Business name Application.
  • Allow users to easily search for local officials, apply for a marriage license, track election results in real time, and much more through a great custom website!

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County Clerk Software

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County Elected Officials Database

  • Archive data to provide historical records
  • Email forms/documents with one click
  • Keeping track of form submission
  • Powerful Administration and
  • Archiving Features
  • Amazing search and printing capabilities

County Judges Database

Easily manage judges overseeing elections with user-friendly features such as:

  • Search active judges
  • Track prospective judges – those being considered for overseeing upcoming elections
  • Add and archive judges with ease
  • Manage precinct and polling places
  • Maintain current information on: 
    • Assigned precinct
    • Training attendance
    • Political party affiliation
    • Dates served
    • And much more…

Assumed Business Name Application Database

Manage new business registration with ease and avoid duplication!

  • Manage applications
  • Keep track of application status and edit it
  • Create and print: Assumed Business Name Application form, Notice, and Certificate of Ownership
  • Reapply when application expires

Custom website

Go even further and provide great features to the public and your county colleagues:

  • Search for local officials with ease
  • Apply for marriage license with the click of a button
  • Upload election night results
  • Implement a Leave Management platform to manage employee absences like vacation, holidays, overtime, etc., eliminating time-consuming paperwork and manual processes
  • Post public County news and announcements
  • Share internal announcements for County Colleagues.


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