Our client, Home Cleaning Centers of America, had a Microsoft Access database each franchise used to keep track of customers, jobs, and cleaning crews. Unfortunately, each franchise database was an island of data, relying on a monthly report to send numbers back to corporate. We upgraded their system to use cloud data storage, consolidated all databases into one, and created real-time reporting for the corporate office.


Home Cleaning Centers of America focuses on cleaning homes and corporate offices around the US, and uses a Microsoft Access database to keep track of every aspect of the operation. Unfortunately, every franchisee used their own database, the only way corporate could get information on what was going on was via a monthly report printed from the database.

We upgraded their database to handle every franchise by consolidating them in the cloud

Our team used SQL Azure to consolidate all the databases into one, adding additional fields to segment the data so that each franchisee only sees their own.

Still using Access but now used everywhere.

Before the upgrade the franchise could only use the system at the office, after the upgrade it can be used everywhere: home, office and on the road.

It’s actually running faster now.

Even though we upgraded them to the cloud, which meant the data has to travel farther, we were able to optimize it to a point were franchisees got to see a better experience after the upgrade..

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