What Our Clients Say

“We have been using the services of IT Impact for the past several years. As our business has grown, they have stepped up to the task of meeting our needs for more complicated functions. We use MS Access/SQL for our processing needs. On more than one occasion, they have come to the rescue with major problems at all hours of the day and night, weekends included. Juan and Ben are smart and can communicate on a personal level that not all computer geeks can. We trust them implicitly with our systems and data to do the right thing!”

– Robbi Ir

“I have been working with the IT Impact Team now for several years and they have been an integral part in stream lining my paper flow and auto generate timely report data in REAL TIME. They are staffed with programmers that will tailor your reports to your requirements, and I have given them liberty to propose a “better way” and it is amazing as to the work they can do. The sky is the limit. Due to the nature of our business, time is very sensitive and I am very demanding, sometimes too much, they have always provided my end result and timely. They truly understand the concept of customers come first. The whole team is great to work with, I highly recommend them for any of your needs.”

– Angelo S. Lanni

“IT Impact isn’t just a leader in the IT field, they are a lifesaver and accountable partner that does a great job of doing what is asked and handling issues as they come up. I highly recommend working with IT Impact in all your IT needs. Thank you IT Impact!!!”

– Logan Deopere

“IT Impact, Inc. has been our partner since 2014 when we had 8 employees. Through the years, they have provided us with software, ideas, and tremendous support. Their expertise in Access, web, SQL Server and API’s has allowed us to create a complete platform that allows our customers to request our services in multiple ways. We now have over 50 employees and IT Impact continues to find ways to make us more productive, efficient, and help us to evolve our services further to the benefit of our customers.”

– Jeffrey Drouin

“I have been the secretary at a Labor Union for 29 years. Our membership doubled than tripled, which tripled the work load. I needed help and got it from IT Impact! IT Impact changed the way we do business. I believe my office is more advanced and efficient than any other Labor Union office in the US and Canada. […] Before my new system I would have to go to 7 different places to change one address. Now I change it in one place and the system emails all the other places to change it with them. My office required one full time employee and one half time employee just to stay caught up with the day to day activity. I worked 60 hours some weeks to get my job completed. For the past three years I have been able to handle the office by myself. I believe the company is saving the cost of a second secretary every year. […] Having IT Impact create a system for my needs was the best thing that has happened in this office in the past 29 years. It was worth every penny we spent. I would do it again tomorrow and recommend them to everyone out there reading this post!”

Laura Melphy

“IT Impact was instrumental in moving our product to SQL. This opportunity generated additional income and very happy clients. Susan, a IT Impact developer, is very knowledgeable and the best to work with. I highly recommend IT Impact for Access and Microsoft development needs.”

– Shannon Cooper

“We had a simple homegrown program but lacked the expertise to elevate it’s function and design to our vision. The AccessExperts team took on the project with our vision in mind and exceeded our expectations. We could not be happier with the function, design, and reliability of our system. When we have industry changes that require system modifications we are able to get the modifications quickly and reliably. They have great staff retention so we don’t feel like we are starting over or talking with a stranger. AccessExperts is the perfect name for this great company and we are very grateful to have found them. It honestly feels like their team is part of our team.”

– Robynn Longenbaugh

“Access Experts has been a great partner with Winmore Insurance Solutions. They created our website and are helping us automate our processes. I am so excited they are helping us with this journey and couldn’t see it any other way. Not only are they access experts, they are process EXPERTS!”

– Edwin Moreno

“We were in dire need of a new database system and IT Impact & Access Experts were the answer!! What a great experience and an incredible system!!”

– Mike´s Market

“After using and outdated system we reached out to Access Experts and we are so glad we did! The people and the work they did was amazing. Such a great experience!”

– Joe Lane

“Mr. Juan Soto and his staff at AccessExperts are extremely knowledgeable and professional when it comes to implementing Access and other Microsoft applications as your company’s database and record keeping infrastructure. Give them a call….I highly recommend it! You will be glad you did.”

– Scott Beck

“We have been working with IT Impact for a couple of years and they have done a fantastic job of helping us build and improve our Access Database. Susan has always done a wonderful job of understanding our needs and providing suggestions for solutions, and then putting those solutions into place.”

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“IT Impact created three custom databases for my office and designed and host our website. They have been great to work with and the applications they created have really increased our efficiency.”

– Pam Warford

“We have been working with IT Impact for a while now. I met with Juan at my office to help with a difficult conversion upgrade project. He clearly explained the solution, quoted a price, and a reasonable timeline to complete the project. That was last Fall, today 7 months past completion we are very happy. I have requested many additional modifications that the IT Impact team has handled quite well. I am very happy to have IT Impact working for us. MPG”

MPG Gehrman

“They created an Access database that contains our customers and jobs several years ago – it’s been a great tool to keep all our info and documents. Their customer service is always prompt and helpful.”

CAM Electric

“I’ve been working with ITIMPACT since 2016 and their service is excellent. We successfully created and implemented a system which interphases with other different systems to collect data into a master SQL database. Since then we have had several more projects for production and document control. They are truly experts as well as quick responders and on top of that very friendly service. I highly recommend them for your business.”

Carmen Aguirre

“I’ve been working with IT Impact for 8+ years, they’ve consistently met our expectations and delivered quality programming. Highly recommended”

Andrew Tomp

“ITImpact has been instrumental in creating the software Home Cleaning Centers of America uses for daily operations… scheduling, client and employee records, as well as payroll tracking. The staff at ITImpact has been instrumental in, not only meeting our current needs but recommending ideas for future growth. All staff members at ITImpact have been very responsive to our service needs and professional in our development needs. I highly recommend their services!”

Dennis Friesen

“IT Impact was recommended to our company in 2012 when we were looking into updating our current database. It Impact provided the storage and efficiency that was needed and added unique options to enhance the old system and make it more efficient. As we have grown, IT Impact has been able to customize and automate many areas of our database. They also provide regular ongoing service. They have been a part of our growth and development over the last years.”

Trish Theriault

“Ben is so knowledgeable and has been very helpful to me and my IT team.”

Irwin White

“IT Impact is always there when I’m in a pinch. My business relies heavily on my Access database and when it’s not functioning properly it can cripple the productivity of my employees/business. IT Impact does everything they can to address my issues within a moments notice to keep my business running smoothly. In the past when I’ve had ideas to enhance my Access database to create buttons/shortcuts to cause my employees to be more efficient, IT Impact has been able to write the code that has made my ideas a reality which in turn saves my employees precious time and makes their jobs easier. Thank you IT Impact!”

Bruce Cedar