Labor Union Management Software

Keep track of members, dues, companies and grievances

As a Union, it may be challenging to manage and keep track of dues from employers, tracking how much they should pay for which member and reconciling large monthly checks. Not anymore!

We’ve designed tools with great features for Unions that can:

  • Boost productivity and allow your employees to focus on member services, along with growth of the Union.
  • Manage company and member’s information – phone number, email, address, etc.
  • Run multiple reports for analysis.

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Dues, membership management, and more…

Easily manage dues and members with user-friendly features such as:

  • Member center: A 360° view of all the member´s information: demographics such as SSN, address, email, phone, etc. In short, everything regarding the member will be displayed here.
  • Company Center: View transaction history, grievances, members at each location and document center.
  • Business rep center: Keep track of all tasks assigned, view weekly schedules and see when they visited locations last.
  • Grievance Center: Easily create a grievance, define grievance type and view a queue of open grievances.
  • Billing module: Create company invoices.
  • Cash Tie-Out Module: Used to tie-out funds received from companies on behalf of members.
  • Report generator: Run a battery of reports for the same data range, great for reporting at month or year end.
  • New hire/rehire importing: Import new hire reports from companies into the system via CSV or Excel files.
  • Class schedule.
  • Classes and certificates.
  • Email integration.
  • And much more…