Elected Officials Database with Ethics From Tracking


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Our client, Illinois Jersey County Clerk’s Office, needed a way to email hundreds of elected officials a mandatory ethics form and track which ones had not been returned. We designed a one button solution to email or print the form, and a simple screen to note who had already returned it. In addition, the database keeps track of each public official’s career in the county: when they were elected, when their office expired and how many times they have held the office or other offices.

Elected Officials Database with Ethics Form tracking

Elected Officials Database with Ethics Form tracking


Being a government institution, our client was having a terrible time trying to process all elections candidates. The old Access application was not able to rise up to their standards. The whole process of emailing or physical mailing of forms/documents was inefficient and frustrating.

Our Custom Solution

Email ethics form to all public officials with one click

Prior to the new database, employees had to email the ethics form manually, by first filling out a PDF of the form with the office holders name and than emailing it. Now the system will flag all officials who prefer email and prepare the PDF and email them the form with just one button click, saving the clerk’s office hours of work in just minutes. The system prints the ethics form for all those who still wish to receive the form via mail.

Keeping track of who has not submitted the form

We also added a new queue for those who have not submitted their forms. Using a checkbox, county employees can easily manage only those that have not responded, then reset all form submissions for the following year with a single button.

Powerful Administration and Archiving Feature with a Custom Database

At the end of their term, public officials would be archived, allowing users to see their elected history through out the county. If they were re-elected, the system provided an easy means to note their new term date.

Overhauled Search and Printing Capabilities

We created a search form, that included all database fields, to allow easy access to existing data. After a search was performed the user could print the result using a very well designed report.

Easy processing of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Jersey County Clerk’s Office was having difficulty in fulfilling the many requests they receive for current information on public officials serving in the various government entities in Jersey County. IT Impact added a new search form that allowed authorized users to list office holders by town, date elected or term date, among other search criteria. The search results are then printed or emailed to the requesting party.


We helped the county by creating an automated system for tracking ethics forms, keeping track of election histories for each office and help serve the public with FOIA information. For a demo of this application, please contact us here and let us show you how we can help you “Discover the POWER of your data!” TM

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