Webpage Integration with Training Provider Registry

A client approached us with a challenge: they needed to seamlessly integrate their existing Access database with Training Provider Registry website’s API to streamline their student data management process. This case study outlines how Access Experts was able to successfully address the client’s needs and provide an effective solution.


The client’s existing student management system, housed in an Access database, lacked integration with their chosen third-party website’s platform. This resulted in manual data entry processes and potential errors in transferring student information, such as course completion status, scores, and range hours, to the website’s Training Provider Registry (TPR). The client sought a solution to automate this process and ensure accuracy in data transmission.

Seamlessly Bridging Systems: How We Solved the Client’s Web Integration Challenge

Our team of developers devised a comprehensive solution to address the client’s needs. Leveraging their expertise in web integration and database management, the team created a custom solution using C# programming language to bridge the gap between the Access database and the website’s API.

Key Steps:

  • API Integration: The developers utilized the website’s API documentation to establish secure communication channels between the Access database and the website’s servers.
  • Database Modification: Modifications were made to the Access database schema to ensure compatibility with the API’s data requirements.
  • DLL Creation: A dynamic-link library (DLL) was developed to facilitate data transmission between Access and the website’s TPR system. This DLL acted as a middleware, securely transferring student information to the website’s servers.
  • User Interface Enhancement: A user-friendly interface was implemented within Access to allow users to easily input student data and initiate the data transmission process to the website.


With the new integration solution in place, the client experienced significant improvements in their student data management process. Manual data entry tasks were eliminated, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring data accuracy. The seamless integration between the Access database and the website’s TPR system streamlined administrative tasks, allowing the client to focus on other aspects of their operations.

Our expertise in web integration and database management proved instrumental in solving the client’s challenge. By developing a custom solution tailored to the client’s specific needs, Access Experts was able to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in their student data management process. If your organization is facing similar challenges with data integration or software development, contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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