Microsoft Access Security Audit

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If your organization is using Microsoft Access to store data or using both Microsoft Access and SQL Server, then this audit will unveil:

  • Is your organization following security best practices, such as encrypting sensitive columns like Social Security or Credit Cards? 
  • Is the database only allowing certain groups or individuals or is it open to anyone in your organization? 
  • Do you have change policies and procedures in place? 
  • Is the database schema documented? 
  • Is the code documented, including the most critical features? 
  • Is the database leveraging your Active Directory security and groups in order to avoid accounts that are inactive but still accessible? 
  • Does the database allow access to HIPPA data in a manner that is minimized based on the employees’ role? 

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Microsoft Access Security Audit

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What your audit will deliver:

  • We will document non-compliance with best practices. 

  • Your report will include recommendations on how to be in compliance, along with estimated hours a contractor should quote you for the work.

  • Our team will meet to deliver the results and discuss our findings. 

  • Follow up on your efforts to implement the recommended changes for an additional fee. 

How the audit will be conducted:

  • Our team of Senior Microsoft Access consultants will meet with your IT department to review your Active Directory security protocols and standards to determine whether they are being applied to your Microsoft Access database. 

  • Power users and stakeholders will also meet with our team to determine how they are currently accessing the data in the database. 

  • Security policies such as the use of roles and passwords will be analyzed – SQL Server

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