There are a number of great reasons why I wanted to learn .net:

  • I envy the tools available: Microsoft is committed to providing .net developers with the greatest and sexiest development tools, every year they roll out new ones that make their jobs easier. Us Microsoft Access guys? We’re stuck with the same IDE since Access 97, (not sure which version Access started having an IDE, but I know it was before 2000). We don’t have collapsible procedures, can’t copy objects with code around our forms, etc. etc.
  • I would LOVE to learn web programming! Over the years I’ve worked on Access apps that would have been great web applications too, but that would require a complete re-write in .net.

Oh I’ve tried, believe you me, I’ve brought the books to learn .net, (I can see them on my desk as I write this),  and I even started reading them. But I just can’t learn .net for these reasons:

  • My clients won’t let me. They continue to call and ask for Access help, I have clients waiting for weeks on me helping them with their database, they are patient, (to a point), and appreciate my good work and what Access can do. I just don’t have the time to learn a new language.
  • I can do wonderful things in Access that I can’t easily do in .net, granted, the reverse is also true, but I know Access can handle 99% of the job most of the time.

While their are still people out there willing to hire me I’m going to continue developing in Access, which would probably be until I drop dead.

Anyone out there care to take these .net books from me?