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Access User Groups Online

I am pleased to announce that AccessUserGroups.org have now developed further chapters, each of which have their own meetings online.  The first one is today by Access Functions Group. The meeting will start at 7.00pm EDT, and will cover nulls, the Nz function, and two user-defined functions to easily display names in Last, First Name order and in First Last Name order. We will also discuss what functions you would like to discuss in the future. For more information of the meeting please click here.

Later this month there are meetings from the following groups, Access España, Big Data, Connecticut Group, Access Hebrew and later this month we will be developing Access Europe and Access Web Apps.  Please visit each website to get more information of the meetings.


About Lucy Pyne

I work with a great team of people at IT Impact Inc. My role is Sales Support. I have worked with databases for many years and I really love how technology is advancing, it gives me new things to learn! I am sure that these meetings with Access User Group will open doors to new levels.

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