Help us Get The IDE Modernized in MS Access – Your Vote Counts!

After my Access with SQL Server meeting were we talked about using User Voice to prompt change to our beloved IDE, I found out that the Access team does not have any sway over the environment, it’s handled by the another group in the Office hierarchy.

I’ve since endorsed the following ideas on User Voice and request that you lend your support as well! Note: PLEASE leave a comment on each idea and let Microsoft know WHY it’s important for you or your clients.

Improve VBA IDE: Line numbering by default

Improve VBA IDE: Highlight start and end of Blocks e.g. If/End If, With/End With, Do/Loop etc

Improve VBA IDE (MS Access): better integration with SQL Server for query development in Access Front End

Collapsible vba procedures

Give the VBA IDE a major overhaul finally

Please vote the Chicago way: Early and often!