If your copy of Access is crashing please try the following strategies to get it stable again:

  • Make sure your PC has the latest updates, including updates for Microsoft Office
  • Verify your PC does not have a reboot pending after installing updates, (you will see “Update and Reboot” or “Update and Shutdown” when you go to turn off your PC
  • Run the Office repair tool, see https://support.office.com/en-us/article/repair-an-office-application-7821d4b6-7c1d-4205-aa0e-a6b40c5bb88b
  • Perform a decompile:
    • Open the Run command by pressing [Windows] + R
    • Open the database you with to decompile,
    • Open a module and select Compile from the Debug window
    • Compact and repair
    • We do this so often we have an acronym for it: DCCR
  • Check your references are not missing:
    • Press [CONTROL]+G
    • Click on the Tools menu and select references
    • Make sure none of them have the word MISSING next to them

What techniques do you use when your Access database has an issue? Let me know in the comments.

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