Microsoft Office 365 Build 1912 Breaks ODBC Linked Tables’ Identity

**** Only applies to users on Access with SQL Server table links, otherwise this alert does not apply ****

We are getting early reports that the build 1912/2001 released with Office 365 may break the ODBC linked table that contains an identity column, causing different errors. If you receive errors about identity insert being off or failing to insert records, and you are on build 1912/2001, it is possible you are affected by this bug. We are in contact with Microsoft and awaiting updates. In meanwhile, we recommend that the clients defer the update to 1912/2001 until this is resolved. Microsoft has published an article detailing the issue here.

This seems to affect only those on Office 365 monthly channels running build 1912/2001. Any other versions are not affected.

UPDATED: Fix available

You can now update using the usual Office updates to get the build 12325.20344.

If you are not on 1912/2001 yet, and you are on monthly channel

We suggest disabling the updates temporarily. You can do this by going to File -> Account -> Update Options and choosing Disable Update:
[UPDATED 2020-01-23] Microsoft Office 365 Build 1912 Breaks ODBC Linked Tables’ Identity

If you are on 1912/2001 and your application is no longer working

You must revert the update by following the steps outlined in the article link below. You will need to know which build version to revert to, which is provided in the 2nd link. Note that the exact build number also depends on which channel you are on.

Full instruction on reverting an update on Office 365

Listing of builds by channels, required for step one in support article linked above

Here is a sample completed config.xml that can be used and has been shown to work on Monthly (Targeted) Channel:

<Updates Enabled="TRUE" TargetVersion="16.0.12228.20322" />

IMPORTANT: after you complete the reversion, disable the update as per first section above.

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