The Access team has released a new test version that includes a dataverse connector, from Michael Aldridge, program manager from for Access:

Hello Microsoft Access community ! I am excited to let you all know we shipped the public beta of the Access Connector for Dataverse and Power Platform at Ignite this week…We launched Tuesday morning at 9 am pacific time.

Here are some of the things happening this week …If you feel so inclined I hope you will try out the public beta and give us feedback.

How you can help in the community

  • If you would like Nathan and I to talk to your user groups we are happy to meet with you virtually
  • Spread the word through your user groups and community social channels..
  • If anyone has potential clients that are interested to evaluate this, please let me know and we can discuss if we put them into our private beta program on Github.
  • And as always please give us feedback where we may have missed something.

Why is this important?
This is an awesome new development for our Access customers.

  • Microsoft Access, the low code / no code pioneer of DB solutions development with nearly 10s of millions of users per month is now paired with its perfect partner in the cloud.
  • Dataverse and Power Platform is an industry leading low-code cloud-based development platform which has been distinguished as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in the low-code category for the last few years.
  • Together 1+1 = 3 ?

Most important, for our customers, this means totally new scenarios they have been asking for like

  • Front end app scenarios on mobile devices or with Microsoft Teams
  • The ability to have real-time sharing and editing of Access data using cloud-based data stores, with front-end apps created in Access, Power Apps Mobile and Microsoft Teams
  • New security and compliance capabilities through Dataverse cloud storage using Azure Active Directory and role-based security while managing it from Access

Outreach at Ignite this week


Updated public roadmap !

Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365


There is one more update missing for some reason and that is the monster bug fix. We hope to have that done in Q2 CY2022 and it is a feature in our roadmap to get this done


Access dataverse connector is now available to test
Two simultaneous blog posts with Access and the PowerApps team. Access: Enhancing the Benefits of Microsoft Access in the Cloud with the Power Platform

Power Platform:

Access dataverse connector is now available to test

Access dataverse connector is now available to test


A 20 min joint Ignite on-demand video session that is now live


This walks through demos on how this new partnership can unlock totally new scenarios for Access customers including mobile apps and read/write capabilities with Microsoft Teams


Access dataverse connector is now available to test
A brand new Access | Dataverse landing page to educate and drive developers to our public beta and the steps they need to join the Insiders program to evaluate

Point your phone to this QR code



Access dataverse connector is now available to test
Brand new help documentation to walk people through how to use the connector and detailed technical information on how they can migrate their Access solutions into the cloud with Dataverse


Thank you Marvel Content team

Mark Gillis, Beth Pritchard

Access help & learning – Microsoft Support

Access dataverse connector is now available to test

New Dataverse documentation providing Access users an introduction into Dataverse and an overview of supported data and terminology Migrate Access to Dataverse

Access dataverse connector is now available to test

Kind regards,

Michael Aldridge (He/Him)
Principal Program Manager

Microsoft Access

Click here to join the public beta!

Juan’s take:

This is great news for Access and Power Apps, allowing customers to leverage the best of both worlds. For example, companies can leverage Access great reporting features, which is still absent in PowerApps. I plan on testing this feature soon and reporting back.