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Inserting a record in SQL Server and retrieving key ID.

There are many ways to insert records and retrieve that records key value, this approach will probably be among the quickest since all of the processing occurs on the server, not in Access. The technique uses ADODB recordsets to fetch records from SQL Server. CODE: Private Function CreateDatabaseRecord() As Boolean Dim strSQL As String Dim rsDoc As ADODB.Recordset Dim rs_Value As ADODB.Recordset          ‘Create database record    On …Read More

Tips for designing SQL Server tables for Microsoft Access

We LOVE using SQL Server with Access! I frequently mention that SQL Server Express was the best thing to happen for Access, the two combined have the best 1-2 punch in the industry. I encourage you to explore using both technologies, or better yet, hire us to do the legwork. Here are some table design tips that will make it easy for you to integrate Access with SQL Server: When converting …Read More

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