Is Outlook the only way to email a report?

In order to email a report from the Report Generator you will need to have Outlook configured and have it be able to send/receive emails. If you don't use Outlook select the PDF output option and email using another process such as Gmail or Yahoo by creating an email and attaching the PDF manually. [...]

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How can I get a report to use a custom title?

In order to have a custom title in your report that you are adding to the system follow these steps: Place your report in Design View. Make sure your report has a label in the Report Header section and name it lblReportLabel. Select the Report Header band and bring up the property sheet. Click on th [...]

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How can I add a new criteria to the system?

First, always backup your Access database prior to making any changes. Second, place the frmReportGenerator in design view. The easiest way add a new criteria is to copy an existing one, so if you have data criteria, copy txtStartDate, if its a combo box, copy the ProductID object. If all you need i [...]

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How can I change the existing criteria data source?

In order to change the data source of your criteria, just place the report generator in design view, right click on the criteria and select properties, and change the row source of the combo or list box. [...]

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How do I add a report to the Report Generator?

Create your report like you normally would, than once you have verified the report is working correctly, follow these steps: Add your report using the form frmReports. In the field ReportID enter the file name of your report used in Access. In the Report Name field you will type the name users will [...]

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What are the criteria that come with the Report Generator?

Criteria are at the heart of the Report Generator, with the right combination of criteria you will be able to use the same report under a wide range of conditions. The report generator already comes with several criteria for immediate use, but you don't have to use any of them if you don’t need to, [...]

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Can I create reports with the Report Generator?

You do not create reports with the Report Generator, instead you run reports with a wide range of criteria. For example, you could run a Sales report for a given date range, or for a single customer to see how much they have purchased or by Sales Person to evaluate their performance. [...]

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