First, always backup your Access database prior to making any changes. Second, place the frmReportGenerator in design view. The easiest way add a new criteria is to copy an existing one, so if you have data criteria, copy txtStartDate, if its a combo box, copy the ProductID object. If all you need is a regular text field, copy the JobNumber object.

  • You must change your new field name by going into the properties of the new field and changing the Name value under the Other tab.Pick a name that is the same as the field in your table. So if you are going to use the criteria for a report that uses PONumber, than use PONumber as the name. Doing it that way will mean not having to specify a field name every time you add a new report to the system that uses that criteria.
  • Under the tag property of the Other menu, make sure the word Criteria is entered into the field. If the field is a number criteria, use CriteriaN or if it’s a string, use CriteriaS. If it’s anything else just use Criteria in the tag field.
  • If you need to change the datasource of the combo box please see “How can I change the existing criteria data source?”
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