Friends, family and blog readers: I’ve been named an Access MVP! It’s the highest honor I can achieve in my field and I’m proud to wear the badge. With my accomplishment I join a brotherhood of professionals committed to promoting Access and helping others with their Access problems. There are only 74 MVPs worldwide and we are fortunate to have two of them working at our firm. (Ben is a MVP too!)

Access is my passion and the means by which I’ve made a great living. Our firm is growing and our roster of clients have discovered how Access is a wonderful tool in solving some of today’s business problems.

Access is all we do

Over the years we’ve had a web division, created .Net solutions and ventured into other services but I made a decision that our firm would focus on Access and I’ve never looked back. We’ve created wonderful solutions that have saved our clients large sums, increased productivity, and improved customer service, all with half the budget of a .Net or web solution and in half the time. How great is that?

Why .Net or a web solution doesn’t always work and Access does

Here’s a list of reasons why Access trumps the competition when it comes to solving today’s business problems:

  • Great integration with all other Office programs, from sending automated Outlook emails to creating complex Word docs; you can’t beat Access’s abilities to Work with other Office programs. Have you tried creating a Word doc with a web solution? Enough said.
  • Wonderful complement to SQL Server. Need to store gigabytes of data in a secure multi-user environment and provide a rich user experience? You would be pressed to find a better solution than Access with SQL Server that is cheaper and has a shorter development timeline.
  • With Access your imagination is the limit. When you’ve reached a proficiency in your profession such as Ben and I have, you can make Access sing and dance. Its not only a testament to our abilities but also to the product’s acumen and versatility.
Everyone who works here LOVES Access, and it shows in our work, on this blog and with our financial success.
Thank You!