He’s gone.

And we are all fortunate to have had him with us, just as we had Einstein, Edison, Pasteur, and many others. Men of impact, men who expanded their world to touch the next one in the future and bring it back.

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As we work we need not ask how we can make it better, faster, or cheaper. Those are not the questions Steve asked. He wasn’t worried if it was unproven or even if it was viable, his Engineers often told him it wasn’t possible to do what he was asking for, but they would eventually come through.

The questions Steve asked was: Did he like it? Did he think it was cool? Would he buy it immediately because it was so revolutionary, so great that he wanted it today, not tomorrow?


It’s not what you know, (Steve never finished a college degree), or how much money you have, (they started Apple in a garage because they had no money for an office lease), but rather your vision, your drive and your heart, follow all three and you will follow in his footsteps.