I’ll be presenting at this month’s Chicago Access User’s Group. (www.CAUG.com) It will be broadcast-ed live via the web as I present my newest topic:

Access Kung Fu – Tap into your inner VBA Sensei

We will discuss three topics, TempVars, Enums and Classes.

  • TempVars are a great way to store global variables in your application, use them everywhere: your code, queries, forms, and reports. We will discuss why they are a better alternative than a global module variable.
  • Enums are a convenient way to detail related constants in your database, you will enjoy unparalleled functionality with your constants using this data type.
  • Classes are what makes your app sizzle. If you’re not using classes then you’re not tapping into the best that Access has to offer, period. We will discuss what the classes are and will provide you with some great examples.

When and Where

There are two ways you can participate:

  • In person: Go to CAUG.com and email Kevin Anderson to get on the guest list.
  • Via Web: At 5:45 PM Central Standard Time on January 26th I’ll start the web conference, join.me/accessexperts, please plan on arriving before 6 PM so we can get you setup and working before the show. You can reach me via email or chat by using the join.me software if you’re having problems connecting to the web conference.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn more and expand on your Access skills!