For some time now I’ve been posting articles on LinkedIn MS Access groups. The posts vary the gamut, from Access topics to management posts. I’ve enjoyed the discussion and feedback on the boards, and now I’ve decided to create a new group:


The reasons why I’ve decided to create my own group on this subjet:

  • I believe this topic is soo important and relevant it merited it’s own group on LinkedIn
  • The group I was participating in before PMADN, (Professional Microsoft Access Developer Network), was not open and therefore the discussions not available through search. That’s a good thing, since it allows for more freedom of discussion, but my group is open.
  • It is my hope the group will help others enjoy the benefits of Access + SQL Server
  • It allows others to contribute to the discussion and not just Ben and I

If you are a member of LinkedIN you can search for my group and join us online, if you’re not I encourage you to join.