As I’m writing this I’m seated next to Ben on the Microsoft campus during our yearly pilgrimage to Redmond. (I call it getting re-charged at the mother ship).

What is the future? We are hearing about it this week.

One of the advantages of being an Access MVP is the ability to meet and share with the Microsoft Access team once a year. It really is a pleasure to come out here and provide them with feedback on what they are planning. Unfortunately, I can’t share anything I hear with you, not even with another Access MVP who did not come out here. Bummer.

The future of Microsoft Access development?

Many MVP groups meet the Sunday night before the summit at a local eatery to share and catch up. It allows us  to come together in a relaxed environment and talk about anything and everything. The restaurant we eat at is also host to other groups: SQL Server, .Net, etc. One thing I’ve noticed is that our group has very few people under 40 and no one under 30. The other groups? Mostly younger. The future of Microsoft Access development is therefore, bleak if we can’t encourage our youth to aspire to MVP status.

The future is new blood

For the past year, I’ve been promoting the concept of starting your own practice, a session that has been well received throughout the US. Next year, my focus will shift to getting more users to learn Access and taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

New Initiative Coming Soon!

We are in the final planning stages for a new site that will promote Access use throughout the world. I’m looking forward to sharing the details with you soon!