I will be in Connecticut next week participating in two events, first up:

Connecticut Access Users Group – Thursday February 27th 6 PM

Two events next week! Come and join us!

I’ll be presenting on “Building Access Dashboards with SQL Server”, where we will discuss leveraging the power of SQL Server to harness many queries in one procedure call. We will discuss strategies, gotchas and issues to avoid. For more info on the meeting location please visit ctaug.org



SQL Saturday Connecticut – Saturday March 1st


7 Great things you can do to improve and manage customer relationships

In the eyes of accountants, your a cost to a customer, period and end of discussion. So why do I always mention “We are a profit center” to my clients every chance we get? How do you handle a late project? How do you break bad news to a client, (Hint: With good news first). This and other highly effective management techniques are waiting for you at my session. So don’t go to another Reporting Services session and instead come and learn how to improve and gain new business…unless you only do reporting services of course.

My presentation will be at 4:05 PM and as always will be high energy.

WARNING: The SQL Saturday event is filling up fast! Sign up soon in order to participate.

Contact me if you plan on going to any of the two events!