Learn How to Spawn Forms in Memory (Yes, You Heard That Right)

Hi Everyone!

This Tuesday I’m going to demo an amazing concept: How to spawn multiple copies of the same form in memory. Have you ever wanted to display multiple orders or invoices in your databases in separate forms using the same form design? One way of doing this would be to have multiple copies of the same form in your system, for example: frmOrder, frmOrder1, frmOrder2, etc. But the problem with this approach is remembering to maintain all the copies, bloating your frontend, etc. etc.

Instead I’m going to demo how you can use classes and a collection to “spawn” the same form in memory over and over again. It’s not a physical copy of the form in the frontend file, but rather a duplicate of the form that is open already. With this approach:
• You can display as many open orders or invoices that are needed, no physical limitation.
• Hide code from prying eyes.
• Design and make changes and not have to worry about maintaining multiple copies.

And best of all, I’m going to give the code away to EVERYONE that attends the meeting in a demo file! The general public will NOT have access to the demo until later this year.

Please help me promote the meeting with your groups, twitter and LinkedIn accounts, here is the link to all the info: http://bit.ly/2oOKhJ9