Follow Me on Twitter During the Microsoft MVP Summit Next Week

It’s time to visit the mother ship again, a yearly ritual both Ben and I relish as part of our MVP title, where the Microsoft Access team will share the latest, (often under NDA, sorry), I get to meet my peers from around the world and discuss all things Access.

We also get lavished with gifts, (last year the Access team gifted us great polos with the Access logo), receive a ton of food for breakfast lunch and dinner, and we get to go to the Microsoft Store to buy tech and other items to bring home.

Some of my favorite things at the summit:

  • Meeting random MVPs from around the world on the busses to/from events, you never know who you will bump into
  • Catching up with my fellow MVPs in Access
  • Speaking with the Access team managers on breaks
  • Enjoying the great facilities at Microsoft: free drinks from a wide selection of coolers, admiring the wilderness around campus

This year I will be posting photos and videos through out the summit, so please follow me  @jsoto22

Looking forward to sharing what I can after the summit at our next Access with SQL Server meeting in April.

Here are some photos from a prior summit: