As a FYI, Microsoft has issued another update to current channel (Build 2204) which apparently contained changes that causes the otherwise functional Access application to stop work and throw errors. You may see the following error messages:

* Property not found
* No current record.
* The search key was not found in any record.
* The object doesn’t contain the Automation object ‘…’

This seems to be coming from version 15128.20224. Microsoft has since acknowledged the issue and fortunately was able to issue a hotfix. If you do not have version 15128.20210, you can try and update to latest to get the hotfix. However as usual, we recommend that you avoid current channel and use semiannual channel instead to avoid those issues.

Here are the instructions for changing versions/channels. Again, we strongly recommend that you use semi-annual channels. We are also aware of cases where people has changed channels only to have Microsoft change their channels to current or other channels so even though you might have already had changed channels before, it is good idea to double check that you are not on current channel.

Office Channel & Version Change Instructions (May 2022)