It appears that users who are on semi-annual channels are getting impacted with bad update that breaks the ability to export or output data into other formats. This appears to be coming from the same update that had more reports about broken references, non-working ACCDE files, and DAO.Field3. Daniel Pineault cited the DoCmd.TransferText as being broken. In our case, we’re also seeing DoCmd.OutputTo as well manual export operations being affected. Even though the version was said to be released on July 12, there are new reports of being hit even weeks later.

They already issued a patched version on July 26/27 but for some reasons, there are users who aren’t getting it and thus experiencing the symptoms now.

EDIT: We were able to confirm this is the same issue described in this article, even though this article describes a different set of symptoms.

If you are likewise affected, you can try and update Office to the latest version to see if this fixes your issues.

We’ve prepared an updated instruction that will help you through the issue if you are unable to update your Office version for some reason.

Office Channel & Version Change Instructions – Export & Output Problems