Last Tuesday, October 11, 2021 I was all set to present SQL Server with Access Academy Part II when I hit a roadblock I could not overcome: SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access, (SSMA), would not load the sample Northwind database and I was stuck, could not continue the session.

I’ve done it for countless years…still should have checked

I’ve been doing SQL Server with Access academy for years, I repeat it every year and its a great way for newbies to get up to speed quickly on optimizing Access with SQL Server, but this year I did not test it.

Turns out its a bug

From Mark Edwards, it turns out the issue was a known bug:

Moral of the story: check your demos before the presentation!

See you on December 13th!

Join me when I again will try to have the Access with SQL Server Academy Part II: using SSMA to upload data to SQL Server, and if you missed the first part you can find it here: