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Fax thousands of pages with Access and Ring Central

  • Are you a Ring Central customer and you’re currently printing and then faxing from Access?
  • Are your employees uploading faxes to Ring Central manually?
  • We can integrate Access using Ring Central’s API and our VBA code to save your company hundreds of hours and improve customer service!

Benefits of our Ring Central API module

integrate Access with Ring Central

We can integrate the code with any Access database

Fax status in Access

Get feedback on your fax status right in Access: Success, Fail

List of faxes in Access from Ring Central

View a list of faxes sent and resend a fax with just a click of a button

Ring Central API integration with Access

This is NOT AN EMAIL SOLUTION, we use Ring Central's API

Contact us today for a quote on integrating Ring Central with your Access database!

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