SQL Server Hosting FOR Access BY Access Developers

We are known worldwide as experts in upsizing Access to the cloud, but we could not find a hosting service that would be reliable, quick and provide the services needed to host our client’s information, so we started hosting our customers data for them and now we are bringing the same great service offering to everyone.

sql server hosting for accessWhy host with us?

For just $89/month our hosting service will provide your company with the following great benefits:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Hosting
  2. 11 Gigabytes of storage in data and/or documents
  3. Encrypted communications between Access and SQL Server
  4. Encrypted file storage of your data
  5. Hourly and nightly backups
  6. Unlimited users
  7. Scheduling of jobs
  8. Receiving database backups into your Dropbox folder

But wait! There’s one more thing …

FREE live tech support: we will assist you in trouble shooting connections between Access and your SQL database. Don’t fret on why your database is not connecting to the server, a solution is just one phone call away.

Ready to get started? Give us a ring at 844-328-2636 (844 DATA MEN) or contact us here.