If you’re having a hard time convincing management to use Access with SQL Server, then use this post as ammunition to get your point across:

Reason #1: Security
I’ve walked into situations where new clients are storing their customer’s credit card info, (including the three digits on the back), along with their billing address, home address and other confidential information in an Access backend. My reaction was to immediately notify them via a certified letter and as their consultant, I recommended that they cease and desist from using Access to store such highly personal information, and instead migrate to SQL Server. Otherwise I’m outta there. The fact is people can and will walk out with your Access backend on a thumb drive. This cannot happen with a SQL Server. Plus SQL Server integrates with Active Directory, has native encryption, and other security enhancements, Access doesn’t have this.
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Reason #2: Reliability

When you have users using Access backend, they’re all sharing a single data file and essentially cooperating and trusting one other to share nicely. If there’s a network issue or problem with one workstation, it could compromise the data file. This simply does not happen with SQL Server, it’s not affected by PC or Access crashes and is a more reliable environment for your data.

Reason #3: Processing Speed

When it comes to raw computational power you just can’t compare Access with SQL Server. If done right, your Access application should sizzle, pop and process large query operations with ease. SQL Server stored procedures and views are just no match for Jet.

Reason #4: Backups

Have you ever tried backing up an open Access file? Or have you come in the next day only to find your file corrupted and unusable? You can perform backups of your SQL databases while users are in the app.

Reason #5 Free

SQL Server Express 2008R2 will let you store up to 10 gigabytes of data and it is free to use. Of course it is not entirely free if you have to purchase a server, (it can be installed on a powerful workstation too), or you have to hire a professional Access developer to convert to SQL Server, but at least you don’t have to pay for this awesomeness. Don’t walk, run and get your copy today.

Reason #6: Web Enabled Access Databases (Data in the cloud)

SQL Server is the only way you can use full blown Access apps over a WAN, VPN or the Internet. Sure, you can also use Access Web Services, if you only need a simple app. But if you need to use all of what Access has to offer you can’t beat storing the data in the cloud and using Access anywhere in the world.

SQL Server and Access, Unbeatable

Next time someone says you don’t need SQL Server for your Access application I hope these six points and the posts linked in the article will help you convince them otherwise.
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