MayBeSQL Coming to Microsoft Access!

In a stunning development, Microsoft Access will debut a new version of SQL called MayBeSQL, in response to the market clamoring for more NoSQL solutions. Originally, NoSQL meant “No SQL” but in more recent iterations, has come to mean “Not Only SQL”. The change is sure to position Access to compete with MongoDB or DocumentDB!

Since it’s inception, Microsoft Access has been structured as a RDMS using a subset of ANSI SQL, allowing users to query the database using a familiar syntax, but in recent years new concepts have come on to the scene, of which NoSQL has been trending for dealing with non-tabular data.

MayBeSQL Coming to Microsoft Access!

MayBeSQL: Use ANSI SQL, NoSQL or a mix of each!

Access 2021.2 has a whole new flavor with MayBeSQL, allowing users to make the best of it with a standard SQL Syntax or using NoSQL or a mix of both. Our anonymous source inside the Microsoft Access team offer the following example of MayBeSQL:
Select * from tblCustomers Where Customer NEAR Columbus Ohio Except Open 24 Hours
Right away notice the standard Select * From syntax we’ve used in the past, but now users can free write a great where clause and have Access interpret your intentions of only Customers near Columbus Ohio that are not open 24 hours. Mind blowing!

What else will Access 2021.2 have?

Our anonymous source became coy when we pressed on new features in Microsoft Access, only mentioning to expect some radical new user interfaces that will leverage Microsoft investments in holographic technology, but it’s too soon to discuss details at this time.

I for one look forward to taking advantage of these awesome new features!