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This is part II of a two part series on views I’ve written, you can see part I here. Over the last couple of years I have had a great deal of experience with working on Access Databases with the Data is linked to tables in stored in SQL Server. With relational databases and lookup tables you can easily end up with a view that contains multiple numeric columns which …Read More

Detangling the new SQL Server ODBC and OLEDB drivers and what about Native Client?

Some of you may already know that Microsoft backtracked on their planned deprecation of OLEDB and provided a new OLEDB driver. However, it can be a headscratcher to figure what you should be using. When we were using SQL Server Native Client, it was pretty easy — the Native Client had both OLEDB and ODBC shipped in a single DLL file, making for easy installation. All you had to make …Read More

Join me for the first of three Access with SQL Server Acdemy sessions September 11 2018

We kick off the new season of Access with SQL Server group meetings this year with three months of training: Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced topics on how to optimize Access with SQL Server. Part 1: Introduction On Tuesday September 11th 2018 I’m going to discuss: When you should or should not use SQL Server with Access The ONE thing you must do BEFORE you start moving your data to SQL …Read More

Using the new SSMA version 7.8, pitfalls to avoid

Microsoft has been updating their SQL Server Management Assistants on a regular basis, and they just updated the SSMA for Access. However you can’t see what’s new for 7.8 in their official documentation. The latest version of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) version 7.8 can be downloaded from here. The 7.8 version is much easier than prior especially with handling 32/64 bits but there are quirks, which we’ll be looking at. Which …Read More

Text or Numeric Field – A simple method to switch data type.

I recently worked on a project where our client is selling a product throughout the USA built on Access with SQL Server, it works by importing data into SQL and then analyzing it with Access reports. Unfortunately each customer may have a primary key format as a long integer and others where it’s a string, (combination of numbers and strings), we quickly discovered it caused problems with reports not sorting …Read More

Designing a T-SQL trigger

On occasions when building a project involving an Access front-end and a SQL Server backend, we’ve run into this question. Should we use a trigger for something? Designing a SQL Server trigger for Access application may be a solution but only after careful considerations. Sometime this gets suggested as a way to keep the business logic within database, rather than the application. Normally, I like having the business logic defined …Read More

Join me at SQL Saturday Dallas on May 18th, 2018

I’ll be presenting my hugely popular “Wish you could live the glamorous consulting life?” first thing in the morning that day, plus I’ll have a table where I’ll be answering questions on SQL Server optimization with Access, if you are in the Dallas area please consider attending this great one day event! You can register here: https://www.sqlsaturday.com/734/RegisterNow.aspx  What is SQL Saturday? SQLSaturdays are free 1-day training events for SQL Server professionals, …Read More

Why I’m optimistic about the future of Access

I’m just back from the recent PAUG conference where I had the chance to meet some of the best minds in Microsoft Access, it’s only one of two conferences worldwide, (Access DevCon Vienna is the other one), and it showcased some great content over a three day period. This year’s conference had quite a few new attendees, fresh blood that will take up the Access mantle for years to come. We …Read More

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