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If you could ask the Access team any question, what would it be?

Next month Ben and I are once again traveling to the MVP Summit at Microsoft headquarters for our annual pilgrimage to the mothership. It’s a wonderful affair were we get wined and dined and fawned over by Microsoft, and of course meet with the Microsoft Access team! What would you ask for? If you could ask one question of the Microsoft Access team, what would it be? What feature would …Read More

dBase support is back in Access!

After an overwhelming outcry from the user community, Microsoft has again added support for dBase import into Access! The feature will only be for Office365 users but they plan on rolling it out to everyone eventually. Check out the official announcement here. Join us next Tuesday for a great talk on SQL Sequences and how to use them in Access! The Access with SQL Server group is back from vacation …Read More

Effective Communication Using FogBugz

Effective communication between team members is of utmost importance when it comes to achieving quality software; however, the quality of the software is almost never perfect. For this reason, it is common for clients to report errors in applications to its suppliers, expose aspects that need improvements or request the addition of new functionalities, which creates a request for the development team responsible for the project. The request is where …Read More

Creating Custom Access Formulas and Using Them Effectively

MS Access has a very powerful support for using expressions in your forms/reports’ controls. For example, showing a sum of some column can be as simple as putting down: and we’re done! Now, sometimes, we don’t have simple requirements. We might need to calculate a percentage, which would be expressed as: This will work but not exactly without hitches. For example, what happens if the InvoiceAmount adds up to $0? …Read More

9 Access Developer Interview Questions – Answers and Contest Winner!

A few weeks back, I created a post called 9 Interview questions to ask Microsoft Access Developers, and I challenged my loyal readers to try and answer them. Below are the questions and answers. 1. What is a collection? Answer: A group of objects held together by a class or custom grouping, (as Anders noted, you can create your own collection of objects). You may not realize it, but every …Read More